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Houston Motor Club
"Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines."
- Enzo Ferrari

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We've prepared a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If you don't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Why should I join Houston Motor Club?
Houston Motor Club affords our members the opportunity to drive the most exclusive vehicles in the world without enduring the pitfalls of ownership. We are dedicated to giving our members the ultimate driving experience and are always seeking to identify new ways to enhance our member's experiences through both off-site and on-site club events.
How many days can I expect to drive the cars in the Club?
It depends on membership level, but all members can enjoy more than 60 driving days per year using a variety of vehicles in the club’s fleet. Although greater usage is achievable by judicious points usage, the actual number of days is dependent on the mix of vehicles, day of the week and time of year that a member chooses to use the vehicles. Few owners of exotic and ultrasports cars drive them for more than 35 days per year and only the most fortunate collectors have access to the wide variety of cars offered through Houston Motor Club.  By any measure, membership in the Club offers superb value for the money.
Is this similar to a fractional ownership club?
No. Although fractional ownership clubs and our club both allow members to use vehicles, they are not really similar. With a fractional ownership club, members are still owners and have all of the headaches of ownership even if these risks are shared among the members. In our club, members do not own the cars and do not assume any of the risks of depreciation or the costs of maintenance. Our members just enjoy the thrill of driving.

How does this compare to exotic car rentals?
It doesn’t. The private nature of our club ensures that each vehicle in the fleet is driven only by our members - drivers that value the pleasure of driving luxury and exotic vehicles and treat them as their own. Houston Motor Club is a membership experience, as opposed to strangers taking turns with wild joyrides in a daily rental.  

Who owns Houston Motor Club's cars?
Houston Motor Club owns and maintains all of the cars in the fleet.  Our members need only concern themselves with which vehicle they want to drive next!
What is the minimum age for joining?
Drivers must be over the age of 25 to be considered for membership and each applicant will be considered on an individual basis. Depending on driving records, additional insurance premiums may apply.

What driving experience do I need?
You need to have held a driver’s license continually for the last 5 years.  Additionally, depending on your driving experience of high performance cars we may require that you complete a driving course before membership is granted.
Do I have to have my own auto insurance?
All club cars are protected by our in-house comprehensive insurance policy.  However, in order to better protect both you and us, we do require individual and/or business automotive insurance coverage. Fortunately, most existing policies meet our requirements.

How do I join Houston Motor Club?
Houston Motor Club accepts a limited number of new members each month, allowing us to maintain a premium level of service while also giving us a better chance to know our members. If you are interested in joining, simply contact us either by phone or email and we will be happy to discuss the application process and answer any questions you may have. 

How do weekends work?
Weekends are always three days in length, as the vehicle is prepared for delivery on Friday and due for return on Monday.
How are reservations handled?
Reservations are handled easily through our 24-hour, secure on-line reservation system.  Or, if you prefer, you may call to speak with one of our concierges and they can make the reservation for you.
How do I check-in and check-out a vehicle?
Reservations, check-in and check-out are streamlined to be quick and efficient.  We know your time is valuable, and we strive to make the process enjoyable, with the fastest possible turnaround.  Rest assured that the vehicle you reserve will have a full tank of gas and will be thoroughly detailed for your pick-up.  If you leave your car with us, we will keep it secure and return it to your freshly washed and vacuumed.
How will I become familiar with the vehicle?
We offer a detailed review of the basic operations of each vehicle. If requested, we will even take you out on a brief test drive to ensure that you are comfortable with operating the vehicle prior to your use. 
Can I have the vehicle delivered and picked-up?
Yes.  We have nominal delivery charges for in and around the city - for longer distances please contact us for a quote or more information.
Are there mileage restrictions?
Your daily driving is unlimited, however, there is an annual mileage limit that you should consider when planning your use.  The limit is very generous and shouldn’t be an issue for most members. The annual mileage allowance depends on the membership type and ranges from 5,000 – 10,000 miles.

Can I take the vehicle out of town?
The unlimited daily mileage allows you to easily enjoy the vehicle for an out of town weekend, however we do ask that you remain within a 300-mile radius of our club. This will allow us to dispatch help more expediently in the rare case that you need assistance.
What happens if I have a mechanical or technical problem with the vehicle?
In the unlikely event of a problem, the club provides every car with comprehensive, 24-hour roadside assistance.  We will then arrange for either your personal vehicle or another car from our fleet to be delivered to you immediately.
Who can drive the cars?
Every member is allowed to add a spouse to their membership free of charge so you can share the points with them.  Unfortunately, no other persons are insured or allowed to drive the vehicles.
How long can I keep a particular vehicle?
In order to make sure that a specific car is not monopolized by a single member, the maximum length of an individual booking is seven consecutive days.  During that time, members are free to use the cars as their own.
What happens if I get a ticket?
All fees and costs for services, tickets, out of town tolls, etc. are the responsibility of the member.

Can I use the car on a track?
Unfortunately, no.  All cars are for road use only, and they are not to be used on any track or for any form of timed or motor sport event. Club sponsored track days are planned for the future and details will be forthcoming.
What happens if I use all my points or all my mileage allowance before a year is up?
Members are able to purchase additional points and mileage in 200-point increments until their membership anniversary.

What happens if I have unused mileage or points at the end of the year?
If membership is renewed, then Houston Motor Club will add all unused points to future year’s use, with half of any remaining points added to each of the next two year’s membership. Unfortunately, any unused mileage allowance will not be carried forward and the total points for any year cannot exceed double the annual point allotment.

What if I refer someone to the Club?
To show our appreciation, we will credit 200 points to a member’s current year points allocation for simply referring someone that joins the club.

Do you offer corporate membership?
In some instances, please call or email us for more information.