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Houston Motor Club
An Ownership Alternative
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"Fifty-five miles an hour is the speed at which a spirited person parallel-parks, not motors to Chicago."
- P.J. O’Rourke

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An Ownership Alternative

Membership in Houston Motor Club affords an exclusive group of individuals with convenient access to a stunning collection of exquisitely prepared, high-performance supercars to enjoy at their leisure. 

It is the ultimate ownership alternative, as members are provided use of the world's finest exotic and luxury vehicles while casting aside the usual burdens of ownership. No longer concerned with storage, maintenance, insurance and depreciation, Houston Motor Club members focus on only one thing… which car to drive next.

Private Membership
Modeled after successful motor clubs in Europe and the coastal United States, Houston Motor Club is not a car rental company or a “one-day driving experience”. Rather, we are a private, members-only club that exists for the sole purpose of affording our members with exclusive access to the club’s fleet of vehicles. It is an experience like no other.

Members can easily reserve a car online or place a call to the club concierge to arrange the reservation details for them. When it comes time to get the car, simply stop by the club to collect the vehicle. It will always be perfectly detailed, filled with a full tank of fuel and ready to be driven.

While members are away, we securely store their personal vehicle and even provide a complimentary wash and vacuum while in our care.  For further convenience, vehicle delivery to a member’s home or office is available when needed.

Membership includes access to all of the prestigious vehicles in the club. Each member and their spouse receive an annual allocation of points that can be exchanged throughout the year to drive any of the club’s vehicles, all of which are carefully maintained and made available only to club members.  While the overall number of driving days will vary, members can expect to spend around 60 days per year behind the wheel.

With thrilling performance and exclusive access, Houston Motor Club places an array of high-performance and luxury vehicles at the beck and call of our members. With our vast selection of automobiles, members are afforded the luxury of choosing the right car for the right occasion or mood. Membership means driving the car you want, when you want, and where you want.