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"It certainly seems to be a reasonable conclusion that the possible maximum for automotive passenger cars cannot exceed one to every family."
- Forbes Magazine, November 24, 1923


Compare The Value

Houston Motor Club is the intelligent alternative to ownership and allows our members to focus on just one thing - driving the vehicles. So how does membership compare to actual ownership of a vehicle?

Compare the Experience
Membership includes a country club style atmosphere that serves as a social hub, a concierge to assist with your requests and impeccably prepared supercars that are ready when you are. Ownership includes the title to a vehicle that spends more days parked in the garage than it does on the road. While some members may own a supercar of their own, the opportunity to experience an extended variety of flagship models is unrivaled.

Compare The Driving
For most motoring enthusiasts who own a weekend vehicle, 35 days of driving and a few thousand miles per year would be considered typical.  With membership in Houston Motor Club, that same enthusiast with our entry level Daytona Membership, can expect around 60 days and 5000 miles of driving not just one, but a vast selection of vehicles. All without concern for even a single car wash.

Compare The Cost
The cost of ownership begins with tax, title and license fees the day the vehicle is purchased. Next is the cost of capital, which is the interest expense if the car is financed or the lost interest income if the car is purchased outright. Maintenance and insurance are paid regularly and then depreciation expense is calculated by taking the purchase price and subtracting the value of the car when it is sold.

What it Costs to Own a Supercar
Vehicle &
Purchase Price
Mercedes SLR McLaren
Lamborghini Gallardo
Ferrari F430
Aston Martin DB9
Bentley GT
Tax, Title & License $28,125 $12,813 $13,750 $10,938 $11,875
Cost of Capital $67,500 $30,750 $33,000 $26,250 $28,500
Maintenance $5,000 $4,500 $4,500 $3,000 $3,000
Insurance $7,200 $6,000 $6,000 $5,000 $5,000
Depreciation $180,000 $71,750 $66,000 $70,000 $76,000
Total Two-Year Cost $287,825 $125,813 $123,250 $115,188 $124,375
Cost per year $143,913 $62,906 $61,625 $57,594 $62,188
Based on two years ownership and driving 5,000 miles per year with expected maintenance and trade value

Taking into account all the regular expenses necessary for owning a high-performance vehicle, membership in Houston Motor Club is clearly the better choice, as the annual cost of owning even a single car is close to double the cost of our Daytona Membership.

A one-time membership fee provides ongoing use of the world’s finest automobiles, as members enjoy continual access to the latest offerings from every prestigious automaker with nothing more to pay than small monthly dues. 

Comparing the value of membership in Houston Motor Club with owning a supercar yields a clear winner. Houston Motor Club members spend more days driving the vehicles than most owners do, plus they spend those days in an array of the most prestigious automobiles as opposed to just one.

The entire experience is hassle-free, as members never have to concern themselves with buying new tires, getting the oil changed, or even a single car wash. Members simply drive the finest vehicles in existence while enjoying a private country club atmosphere for social activities, all at a cost that is less than owning a single vehicle in the fleet.

The real question is; what do you want most, a supercar depreciating in your garage, or a selection of different, immaculately prepared vehicles from which to choose? Come to think of it, that's not a very difficult decision...