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Houston Motor Club
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"I feel sorry for the person who can't get genuinely excited about his work. Not only will he never be satisfied, but he will never achieve anything worthwhile."
- Walter Chrysler


Options for Joining

Houston Motor Club grants exclusive access to a world-renowned fleet of automobiles. There are several options to consider when joining and we have named them after some of the most famous racing venues in the world. Members choose between the Daytona, Le Mans and Monaco memberships based on which best fits their driving obsession, as all afford members the ongoing use of the club vehicles in return for a one-time membership fee and regular monthly dues. 

While all membership types give members access to the entire fleet of Houston Motor Club vehicles, Le Mans and Monaco members receive an increased level of benefits when compared to the Daytona Membership. An increase in points and mileage allocation provides for more driving days at the upgraded membership levels, and priority with reservations helps assure that the vehicle of choice is always available. Special benefits related to Free Passes, Club Trips and Member Outings are also included. In addition, Le Man's and Monaco members receive a financial benefit as the daily cost of driving a supercar becomes significantly less when combining lower monthly dues with more driving days.    

Reserving a Supercar
The process of reserving a vehicle is simple and can be completed online or with a brief telephone call. While it is not necessary to reserve vehicles in advance, a Standard Reservation allows members to reserve their choice of automobile up to 45-days in advance.

Advance Reservations can be used to assure the availability of a particular vehicle for an upcoming special occasion or holiday, and can be made up to 90-days in advance. By allowing each member to make a limited number of Advance Reservations, members are certain to have a greater selection of vehicles for planned occasions.

Free Passes
Sometimes a beautiful weekend happens upon us without expectation or an important event becomes scheduled with very little notice.  In those situations or at any time, members can check the club to see what cars are available. Because we hate to see the vehicles unused, members can utilize a "Free Pass" to enjoy a previously unreserved car without using any of their point allocation. 

Membership Pricing
All members will spend time behind the wheel of our dream cars and will experience the thrill of driving automobiles that most people only imagine. Offering three types of membership allows us to cater to the varying wants and desires of our members.

To join Houston Motor Club please submit a completed application form along with the joining fee of $2,000. As soon as membership is approved, the remainder of the fees will be invoiced and the driving experience of a lifetime can begin.


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