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Houston Motor Club
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"With over 50 foreign cars already on sale here, the Japanese auto industry isn't likely to carve out a big slice of the U.S. market."
- Business Week, August 2, 1968

Print Media

“Forget golf and tennis, these clubs thrive on exhaust fumes.  The generic name for these enterprises could be car-share clubs, but the guys behind the clubs prefer you think of them as country clubs for
car people.”
- AutoWeek
“Imagine a world where you can switch effortlessly from Aston Martin to Porsche to Ferrari and back again with no extra cost or concern… where your only dilemma consists of deciding which exquisite, top of the range, stunner of a car to drive today.”
- Canary Wharf Magaine
  “I will never forget the experience of driving one of the World’s fastest supercars and the attention that comes with it, it really was like being David Beckham for a weekend."

- The Player Magazine
    “We don’t just want to put people in nice cars for a few days, we want our club to be an extension of their entire lifestyle. You get the sense that a growing number of upscale consumers have come to see cars much as they do second homes or jets: why buy when you can borrow?"

- The Robb Report
  “So what are the downsides? Well very few really. You never get to own a supercar, but unless your pockets are as deep as Bill Gates’ maybe that’s a good thing. Oh, and membership is pretty exclusive.”
- Canary Wharf Magazine
    “It’s all about a club. A superclub, to be exact. And a superclub whose members have the opportunity to experience driving as many argue driving should be; stylish, luxurious and fast.”
- Sports Magazine
  “All maintenance, repairs and insurance fees are included in the membership cost. You simply show up, hop in, turn the key and enjoy the drive.”
- Sports Car International
    “For car lovers, choosing just one car is much like picking your favorite child: You love them equally, but for different reasons. Still having a garage or two filled with cars doesn’t make sense for everyone, which is why car clubs are sprouting up acros
the country.”
- American Driver
  “Car enthusiasts like them all, not just one. Here they have access to a virtual garage that is just going to get bigger and bigger.”
- Boston Common Magazine
    “For a relatively nominal sum, a club will give you the keys to a whole fleet of some of the most coveted metal, without having to spend months on a waiting list or wasting hours trawling the classifieds for that perfect classic motor."
- Torque Magazine
  “I have seen the light. I have not the slightest desire to own a Gallardo. I would be far happier paying a mere £9,950 per year and let them worry about the servicing and depreciation."
- Lusso Magazine
    “A way to avoid having an expensive piece of machinery sitting in the garage for much of its life, while wasting physically and financially away. The exclusive car clubs are a practical way to live the dream."
- Intelligent Life Magazine
  “So which car would you like to drive? I was asked. Think how a 10 year old would feel given the keys to Hamley’s toy store along with a 20 minute shopping trolley dash and that would come close to my reaction. Er… Lamborghini Gallardo please, I replied.”
- British Airways Magazine
    “If you don’t want to own your dream, exotic carshares can at least get you behind the wheel. Suddenly, around the country, there’s a boom in exotic and sports car timeshares.”
- Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car
  “The idea behind the company is that it is an extension of a luxury lifestyle. An exotic car-share club designed to offer the thrill of driving some of the most exotic and desirable cars without the
ownership hassles.”
- Upscale Living Magazine
    “Remove all the hassles of ownership, and leave the driver with just the pleasure of driving the world’s finest supercars."
- Flybe Magazine
  “After a day in the baby Lambo I knew I’d made a good choice. But was it the best choice? That’s the joy; next week, you can perhaps try out their Ferrari F430.”
- Square Mile Magazine
    “We’re about to shatter the much-heralded platitudes about buying an exotic car. Here it is: Just say no. There are alternatives, viable, exciting, and rewarding alternatives to spending a hundred grand on a car you’ll worry more about than your own children.”
- European Car Magazine